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TOKYO BOPPERは1994年の記録的な暑い夏にひっそりとOPENしました。










原宿と一緒に変わり続けてきたTOKYO BOPPER。原宿に在る意味の為に。

原宿に来たら、そんな”途中”のTOKYO BOPPERを感じに少し寄ってみて下さい。



TOKYO BOPPER opened quietly in the hottest summer since ever in 1994. As tragic occurrences, catastrophic earthquake and poison gas terrorism, happened on end in Japan, a gloomy and dark mood had been prevailing in HARAJUKU. people were hardly seen there at that time.

In this street(where we are located), there was a sand box or a swing 
in a little park, and SHIBUYA river was running down the street.
Our day used to be started by cleaning up 
doggy or catty droppings every morning.
We rarely saw people walking in this weary backstreet.
But we were happy as we believed we could see everyone here
in our lovely and favorite spot HARAJUKU.

We TOKYO BOPPER have been changing with HARAJUKU
as we are in very fashionable and variable place.
Changing is essential for us and is our present value in HARAJUKU. 

If you come to HARAJUKU, you are very welcome 
And please drop in our lovely shop.
We are looking forward to seeing you. 

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